Why Opt For Invisalign Instead Of Traditional Metal Braces

24 Aug

Metal braces are slowly being phased off.  The top option for straightening teeth in the country is invisalign.  In fact, more than 730,000 people have put invisalign as from April 2018, and that is a huge number, that shows people prefer them over the metal braces. Your dentist should be aware that invisalign brace technology is better than the traditional wire braces, which is the reason they should get training on how to avail invisalign technology to their clients.  If you want to find out why people are choosing invisalign over wire braces continue reading this article.

 The major advantage of using invisalign is their ability to straighten teeth of a patient.  When has metal braces on, they cannot keep it a secret that they are trying to straighten their teeth, the wires are visible to everyone.  The metals cannot be hidden, and they are there for everyone to see which can be very demoralizing for the person wearing them.

  Metal wires discourage many adults from wearing braces because they are so evident that someone is trying to straighten teeth.  There is no single adult wants to give a speech in an official meeting wearing wire braces.  When you use invisalign, you can keep your process of straightening teeth a secret.

The other obvious merit of using invisalign instead of traditional braces is that they are more comfortable.  Since invisalign are made of smooth plastic trays, a person who wants to straighten their teeth do not have to worry about discomfort.  It can be quite painful and uncomfortable to wear metal braces as they snag the mouth and damage tissue in the cheeks and lips.

 The method used to straighten teeth using metal braces is painful.  To straighten the teeth, the metal braces have to put pressure on the teeth.  Invisalign has a series of plastic trays that smoothly shift the teeth to their place and do not need the pressure used in metal braces.

As the name indicates, the wire braces are wired in the teeth of the wearer.  People have to clean around the metal braces as they cannot be removed to be cleaned. Doing that does not clean the teeth properly which can cause poor oral hygiene.  It is very uncomfortable to have braces since they cannot be cleaned properly.  It is different with invisalign because you can clean your teeth well as if you are not under any treatment.

There are zero food restrictions with Invisalign .  When you have braces, you have to be careful how you chew food as you do not want to damage the braces.  You cannot chew gum when you have braces on as they will stick and it will be messy and ugly.

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